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Here is a closer look at how I got to what I have.  It started with a base collection of about a hundred cigars.  These were a box of Padron Anniversario 1964, about a dozen Padron Anniversario 1926's, a box of Aurora Gold Tubos, a box of Aurora 100 Ano's and a box of Rocky Patells.  There were also about a dozen of small Ashton VSG's.  This was an initial investment of about $800.  I now had about a cigar a week to smoke, however I quickly realized that this wasn't going to supply my habit so I loaded up a pack mule (a buddy on his way down during the summer) with a re-supply of cigars.  These consisted of a couple of boxes of La Aroma de Cuba Interludes, a couple boxes of Fuente Exquisitos, and a box of Macanudo Maduros.  This was another $450.  Finally fortune afforded me an opportunity to add the New Zealand boxes.  Never mind what they cost.  I also got about a dozen miscellaneous hand-rolls from Robby including a special Sternholm label sitting there in the center.  I have to say that this, by far is the best collection of cigars I have ever had!