These are photos taken around Cuzco.
The twelve cornered stone.
Pointing at Puma.  I think you need to squint just right to see it.
Coca Tea
Jerry in one of Cuzco’s colorful bars.
Courtyard at Nino’s Hotel.
Cathedral on Plaza de Armas
Inca Loom.
Me with Rosa Quispa.  She made the vest I am wearing.
Jerry with his girlfriend wearing the pink pom-poms!
OK, I’m posing with Jerry’s girlfriend too!
View Across Plaza de Armas
Cuzco at Night
Ancient doors.
Ancient Spanish Armor
Cuzco Construction
Plaza de Armas Main Cathedral
Bell Tower
Spanish Archway
Sewing Machine in the Market
Fruit at the market.
Flowers at the market
Tambo Machay ruins
Artisans at Tambo Machay
Our Guise Roly at the Puca Paccari ruins.
I am leaning on a model for the city of Machu Pichu at Puca Puccari
Jerry at Puca Puccari
Puca Puccari
Typical local’s home
Small Local Village.
Roly playing flute in the Templo de la Luna, a woman’s temple.
Effigies in celebration!
Jerry at SasqayWaman ruins, pronounced as “Sexy Woman”
Me at SasqayWaman
Roly in a large doorway at SasqayWaman.
Overlooking Cuzco from SasqayWaman Ruins
Jerry and I overlooking Cuzco from SasqayWaman ruins.
Cathedral Entrance
Street in San Blas Cuzco.
They even drive cars and buses on these narrow streets.
A cool bicycle.
Old man taking a break.
Market in Pissaq.  Very colorful!
Priests exiting an Incan church.
Water Color Dyes at Pissaq Market
Music Shop at Pissaq Market.
Marching through the town blowing on conch shells.
Typical items in a both at Pissaq market.
Smiling girl at Pissaq market.
Sculpture made of bones by Jesus Vernan.  Look for his paintings!
Juice ladies at Cuzco Market.
Another colorful nightclub in Cuzco
Daddy Keith and Bryce cleaning driveway for my welcome home.
Good to be back home!