Shots from the two day hike up to Machu Pichu.  The hike involved rain, humidity and sweat as thick as syrup.  Walking beneath coffee and banana trees, all different kinds of plants, waterfalls, rivers.  It was fantastic!
Hike to Machu Pichu
View from about 13,000’ back down the valley we just drove up.
Juan Valdez?  Those beans aren’t quite ready.
Crossing a Span Bridge outside of Santa Theresa.
A Poinsettia Tree
Up the jungle floor to a waterfall.
Shower time.  Who’s first?
Good Job Jerry!
Everyone’s clean.
Coca Leaves!
Water spilling from the mountain from a hydroelectric plant.
First view of Machu Pichu.
Mach Pichu, closer up
Swatting mosquitos.
A Rest Stop
Aguas Calientes.  Tomorrow, Machu Pichu!