Machu Pichu sits on top of a mountain about 1,200’ above the town of Aguas Calientes.  It is about a one hour climb almost straight up a set of steps set into the side of a mountain.  We set out at 4:30 AM armed with flashlights to join the long conga line of pilgrims to be the first in line for entry into the city.
Machu Pichu
This is a first view of the city upon entry in to the park.
I believe this is the “Guard House” from which point you can see the whole city
The Plaza
The air would go from clear to hazy as clouds would pass through.
The Sun Stone where they astronomers would plot the sun’s path
Another angle of the Sun Stone
View across the plaza.
Hazy View of the Guard House.
The Terraces, used for agriculture.
A city among mountain tops.
Which side is better?  My left?
Or my right?
A sacred Chamber
A stone left un-split
The Plaza.
The Three Windows on the plaza.
A view across the square
Huayno Pichu the small peak across from the guard house.
View of city from the Guard House, Huayno Pichu is in the background.
An Orchid
A Pink Flower
City of Machu Pichu seen from the mountain behind Guard House (Mach ichu)
High atop Machu Pichu
Two days hike from the village below to the top of Machu Pichu
The Incas love Stairs!